Teething and feeding – natural alternatives

teethingbabySo the little fella is about five months old now,
and I’m expecting that at any day he might suddenly change from (almost) angel baby to a drooling, screaming nightmare! In any case, I want to be prepared for teething, and for the next stage of moving onto solid foods. However, I don’t want to give him yukky plastic teething toys or plates and cutlery that might contain harmful compounds like phthalates or BPA (Bisphenol A, a chemical used in plastic manufacturing). I mean, these things will be going frequently into his mouth (like a lot of things do already!) so I want to minimise any exposure if I can.

There are a range of alternatives to your regular plastic feeding and teething sets, for example I could go for stainless steel, plastics certified free from phthalates/BPA (still petrochemical based), silicone, or natural organic products made from wood, bamboo, rubber or latex. After some thought, I’m going to look into this third option to see what products are out there that are easily available to us mums in New Zealand. I think this could be the way to go because: A, they are plastic-free and B, made from renewable resources!

I’ve found some plates and cups by a company called Beco


Bamboo fibre plates…a natural alternative?

(that, incidentally, also makes pet products, I found out about them when buying a new water dish for my dogs) that look promising. They are made from bamboo fibre and are food safe. For teething I already have a couple of toys made from natural latex (eg Sophie la girafe) that he likes to chew on, and there are plenty of other non-plastic teething items that I can use, like a cold washcloth from the freezer! So we’ll test out a few of these options and see how it goes. We’re still a little ways off so I have some time up my sleeve to do a bit more research and see what I can find online. I’m also going to head to Commonsense Organics to check out what they have in their baby section as I seem to recall seeing some teething products there.


Example of a natural rubber teether

If you have any good suggestions for natural teething and feeding products or ideas, I’d love to hear about them!






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